Working together to protect vulnerable animals

22nd May 2019

We firmly believe at Oak Tree that we are able to achieve more to help owners and animals when we work together and we were delighted today when Caroline (General Manager) and Julie (Helping Paw Coordinator) from Oak Tree met with Diane and Jo from the Freedom Project at Dogs' Trust (one of our ADCH partners) to see how we can develop better support for those fleeing domestic violence through collaborative working. Oak Tree's Helping Paw launched in early 2019 and has already helped over 20 animals and owners in need. 

A local professional who works to support victims of domestic abuse has said "This service is invaluable. There hasn’t been a service like this in the North West area and it has been desperately needed. Unfortunately pets were a huge barrier to those wanting to access support, not so the case anymore. Sadly as well and I know you are aware, pets are often used as a weapon in abusive situations to prevent the victim and children leaving. I have witnessed first-hand animal cruelty from a perpetrator where the victim had to flee and leave child’s pet behind and other horror stories. I understand how much joy and comfort pets bring to a human so for the clients we work to know that their pets are cared for and safe until they are back on their feet is priceless."

From all of us at Oak Tree, a huge thank you to everyone who donates and enable us to to protect these vulnerable animals and their owners. if you would like to get involved with fostering for 'A Helping Paw' or are needing to seek our help, please email

Working together to protect vulnerable animals

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