Hen Rehoming Day

24th May 2019

On Saturday last week, Phil, our Community Officer, held a hen rehoming – where nearly 100 ex-bats were adopted to become much-loved pets – in partnership with the British Hen Welfare Trust.

The hens were collected from the farm the previous afternoon and Phil helped load the transportation crates with the hens from the colony cages they had been kept in for the past 18 months. The noise and smell was intense but it was great to know he would be helping some of these hens achieve a happier life.

They were bought back to Oak Tree Farm and held in a stable overnight, ready for their new lives to begin the following day!

The next morning the hen rehomers arrived to collect their birds, as organised by the British Hen Welfare Trust. Fourteen people took nearly 100 hens between them. Some were old hands who had rehomed many ex-bats over the years and others complete novices ready to experience their first taste of hen keeping.

It was a non-stop and exhausting day, but well worth the effort knowing the happier lives the hens would have.

If you think you could rehome some ex-laying hens, then get in touch with the British Hen Welfare Trust (details can be found here: www.bhwt.org.uk) and ask to become part of the next hen rehoming at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity.

Hen Rehoming Day

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