Why Gift Aid makes such a difference

29th May 2019

Yesterday, we prepared our Gift Aid claim to submit to HMRC, one of the less glamorous tasks but one that can make such a huge difference.

Gift Aid is an amazing scheme whereby any donations to the charity, both monetary and donated goods, can be Gift-Aided and, if you are a UK Tax payer, the Charity can claim back the basic rate tax already paid on the donations by the donor. This means we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. So your £1 donation could be £1.25 to the charity; £10 - £12.50; £100 - £125.00. This makes a huge difference to the amount of work you enable us to do to help the animals.

This claim came to just over £600 - that's the equivalent of:

  • 15 cats neutered 
  • 46 dog vaccinations
  • 40 sacks of horse food

Without any cost to the donor or Charity!

These figures really bring home to us the huge value of Gift-Aid to our work. if you are a UK Tax Payer and do want to donate items or funds to support our work, please do consider Gift-Aiding it to us so we can do so much more!  For more information about Gift-Aid on your donation please email fundraising@oaktreeanimals.org.uk 

Thank you so much!

Why Gift Aid makes such a difference

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