TNR - Office Kittens

19th August 2019

Office Kittens - Trap Neuter Return

We have had a busy summer here at Oak Tree. As the days get longer we see more kittens! Although we spend all year highlighting the benefits of neutering cats, we always see an influx of unwanted cats and kittens this time of year.

We recently carried out a trap neuter and return of feral cats in Carlisle. When we arrived at the property we noticed three young kittens, one of which was extremely ill. The person who cared for the colony agreed that it would be best for the kittens if they were brought into our centre for medical attention and because they were young, socialising for rehoming.

They have since been named (Mildred – the naughty tortie), Little George (ginger and white) and Theo (black and white). All three are doing really well, our outreach officers Becky and Julie have been spending as much time with them as possible to help with their socialising. They are gaining weight nicely, and have almost completed their course of antibiotics. In just a few days of being on antibiotics, Little George is now able to open his eyes and has gained 400g! Well done little fella!

In a couple of weeks they will be ready for neutering and will be looking for their new homes! Yay!

Here’s to your future little ones :)


TNR - Office Kittens

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