Northumberland Ferals

19th August 2019

Our Community Team has been working on the border of Northumberland this week supporting a member of the public with a number of feral cats visiting their property. A feeding routine has been set in place and in just over one week the cats will be neutered and returned to the property.

A mother with two new born kittens is also on site (kittens really are everywhere at the moment). Our team will work closely with our veterinary partners to decide when will be the safest option to neuter the mum. Because she is feral, our team will not bring her into our Charity, this will be far too distressing. She will rear her kittens as outdoor cats and we will look to bring the kittens in when they are old enough to be separated from mum. Then we will begin to socialise them ready for a new home!


Northumberland Ferals

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