5th November 2019

Remember, remember the 5th November, shivering, panic and fear! This is how it often feels to animal owners at this time of year and as an animal charity we get innundated with comments and questions about how owners can support their pets during this season and whether anything can be done to persuade Parliament to create legislation that protects our pets from this annual fear. 

We offer a range of support for pets and you can access our first-stop advice here alternatively for individual severe issues please email 

Every year many e-petitions are raised in relation to fireworks and we were delighted earlier in the year when the Parliament Petitions Committee launched an enquiry into this matter earlier this year. The first report has been published and can be found here. We fully recognise the complications surrounding the legislation but firmly believe that more needs to be done to safeguard the welfare of animals around fireworks. We will continue to raise awareness of this issue wherever possible to try to improve the situation for animals.


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