Thank you to all our Golden Ticket holders!

9th January 2020


To celebrate our 110th Anniversary we gave our supporters the chance to get their hands on a Golden Ticket.
The fantastic prize of a 7 Night Stay in a beautiful Holiday Cottage in the Borrowdale Valley has now been claimed! Thank you once again to the owners of Cowslip Holiday Cottage, Ruby and Dan of Seatoller Farm, who very kindly donated this amazing prize. 

25 new people joined our Lottery in 2019!

This will help generate > £650 / year

By joining our lottery you are not only helping local animals in need, but you could win big too! For every £1 entry, Oak Tree receives 50p. Please consider joining today - it's a win win!

9 new people sponsored an animal in 2019!

This will generate > £468 / year

Several animals in our care will be with us for life and we need your help to support them for the remainder of their days. For just £1 a week you can sponsor one of our fabulous animals and receive regular updates and a welcome pack.

23 completed Coin Cards were handed in during 2019!

This has generated £276 in 2019

Just £12 can ...

Pay for a vaccination; buy an activity feeder; feed a dog for a week, power the heaters in a kennel block for a month; pay for a Community Worker to support an animal hoarding case; buy a tin of Babycat kitten milk to hand rear a litter of kittens; buy a week's arthritis medication for an elderly pony

63 people took on a Fundraising Challenge in 2019!

This raised > £8,000 in 2019

A fundraiser can be anything from ...

A bake sale; a Facebook birthday fundraiser; a sponsored walk; marathon running; sponsored silence; dryathlon - lots more ideas can be found in our Mini Fundraising Guide (please email or call 01228 560082 to get yours!)

16 new homes were offered for Collection Tins in 2019!

This will help generate an additional £800 / year

These cheeky orange chappies are looking for new homes throughout our region. Well trained, they sit quietly on your counter-top or in your workplace, ready to accept and tidy up any loose change that is causing clutter in your life.

Pick up a cheeky orange chappy at reception! 

Put pen to paper in 2019 to write & submit a 500-word Short Story

We received a number of fantastic stories which were all read and appreciated. However, we feel this deserves its very own event, which will be announced in the next 12 months. We will therefore continue to collate stories illustrating the unique bond between animals and their owners. Any stories already submitted will be stored safely and resubmitted for the future event. 

Get your creative hat on and celebrate the special bond between animals and humans in just 500 words. There is no age restriction for entry and the stories will be judged within designated age categories. 

Please either post your 500 words (along with illustrations if you would like to) to Oak Tree Animals' Charity, Oak Tree Farm, Wetheral Shields, Carlisle, CA4 8JA or email your entry to Please ensure you provide your full name, contact details and an indication of your age, when submitting your entry.

By entering the 500 Word Competition, you are giving Oak Tree permission to publish your story, along with your name. 

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