The importance of individual care

20th January 2020

Every animal who comes into Oak Tree for rehoming is fully assessed both medically and behaviourally and each one receives an individual care plan to ensure they receive the right care to best enable them to find a loving home for life. Sometimes animals come into us and have very complex needs which may take months of work to get to the point where the animal is ready to start to find a new home.

Meet Ruby, who came to Oak Tree with other dogs, she was very nervous and lacked so much confidence. Watch Ruby's journey on the video above as the team work to get her ready for rehoming.

It's really important that each dog is treated as an individual, on a case-by-case basis to ensure they have the best chance of finding a loving new home.

This can take time, and we thank our amazing supporters who donate so generously to give dogs like Ruby the time to develop and the second chance at a happy future they deserve. 

To make a difference, please donate using the button above to ensure we are able to continue caring for animals who need us in our region. Thank you!

The importance of individual care

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