Postwoman Cat!

21st February 2020

In 2019 we assisted in the Trap, Neuter Return of a colony of feral cats in the local area. They had lived on the same farm for a number of years and were not socialised to be pets. They weren’t in great health, and this was as a result of fighting, mating and poor nutrition. We were contacted by a local postwoman who had come to an arrangement with the farmers (whose land the cats resided on) that she would care for the cats during her morning rounds. They were happy to oblige as cats are often nothing more than vermin control on farms in rural areas.

Our team had the pleasure of visiting the cats and Elaine the postwoman a few months after they had been neutered through our Trap, Neuter, Return programme. As you can see in the video their routine has continued and although we only got to see one of the more friendly cats, the feral’s have been reported to be doing very well.

Elaine has built up a fantastic relationship with the cats and is working closely with the farmers by discussing feeding routines, supporting them with cat food, outdoor beds and has even been taking their dirty bedding home to wash. This will ultimately lead to the farmers taking more responsibility for the cats moving forward but in the meantime, we are sure that you will agree, they are very lucky cats and Elaine is a superstar! Becky

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