The Big Ginger Tom

The Big Ginger Tom

24th March 2020

Trap Neuter Return - 24 Feral Cats!

A few weeks ago, our community team were contacted by the RSPCA who had been informed of a feral cat colony in Cumbria. The case was referred to our outreach team who visited the area in which the feral colony resided. Our team chatted with local residents and the carer of the cats. At this point they believed there to be around 15 feral cats in the village.

"Whilst chatting to the locals, we heard many tales of a big ginger tom cat who had been causing trouble in the village!" Says our Community Officer Julie. She continues, "The residents went on to say that there would be a street party if he was caught and neutered!"

A feeding routing was set in place and trapping commenced the following week. A total of 24 cats were caught by Julie and were then taken to our partnered vet, The Green Veterinary Surgery, Skelton. Jade, one of the vets at The Green, worked tirelessly to neuter all of the cats in a couple of days, including the ginger tom! 

All cats were in good health and were returned back home the day after being neutered. 

All of the residents were very pleased with the outcome and gave a generous donation to help with the veterinary costs.

Further advice was provided to the locals surrounding the welfare of the feral cats and we look forward to seeing how they are doing in the future. 

If you would like support or advice surrounding Trap, Neuter, Return, email our team at alternatively, you can find out more about our feral cat work here.


The Big Ginger Tom

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