Hens Find Loving New Homes

25th March 2020

On Saturday 14th March 2020, our Community Team worked with the British Hen Welfare Trust to find loving new homes for 67 ex commercial laying hens. 

Many of these ladies had severe feather loss and their combs were pale and lifeless. Once they arrived at Oak Tree awaiting their new families, they enjoyed their first dust baths and they filled their bellies with layers mash and drifted off to sleep under a warm heat lamp. 

The ladies have been with their new families for a couple of weeks now and we have loved hearing how they are getting on. A firm favourite of ours was Nellie (as seen in photos). Although she had very few feathers and had suffered more than some, she had a true sassy spirit and we have loved hearing how she is getting on in her new home. 

Nellie's new family says, "I wanted to let you know how the little featherless hen was. We have called her little Nellie. She is fab! She has been sleeping inside at night, however, yesterday and today we have introduced her into the big run with the older girls. She has loved it! She has had a number of soil baths and has been exploring. She is so much stronger than last week." 

Nellie's strong willed spirit is really something to be admired and we cannot wait to she how she progresses. 


Unfortunately the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) are now unable to carry out hen collections or rehomings until the Covid-19 outbreak has passed. Please visit their website here to keep updated on the current situation. 

We look forward to working with the BHWT once the pandemic is over in finding loving new homes for lovely ladies like Nellie.



Hens Find Loving New Homes

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