Rescue Mission - Mum and kits!

Rescue Mission - Mum and kits!

2nd April 2020

We received a phone call this week from a worried landlord who had been contacted by her tenant from the airport as he boarded a plane to return home to Europe to be with family during the Covid-19 crisis. He informed her he had vacated the property and left his cat with her kittens in the property with food and water. Given the young age of the kittens, we needed to respond quickly to make sure mum and kits remained healthy and safe.

When we arrived, we found a young female cat with 3 kittens aged about 2½ weeks old. They needed an urgent check so we took them back to Oak Tree Farm to see Jo, our fabulous vet from Eden. Fortunately she found that mum and kittens were healthy and doing well.

In anticipation of the second series of Killing Eve (a small animal team favourite!), the family were named after key characters: Mum was named Ceska, and the kittens Villanelle, Eve and Konstantin.

We will look after these fabulous felines using foster care support until the kittens are weaned.  This will allow us to make sure the young kittens become used to living in a home environment and will grow into confident cats in adulthood. This will give them the best possible chance of finding new loving homes.

After they reach 8 weeks old, when they are ready, and the current Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted they will be rehomed.

Caroline Johnson, our General Manager explains “Oak Tree’s services are never more needed by our community than in these times of difficulty. We would ask individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their pets at this time to contact Oak Tree for advice and support and to fully consider the effect of their decisions on the welfare of their pets. In this case, the landlord was quickly able to contact our team which ensured this feline family were safe and remained healthy. Due to the generosity of our supporters, our team were here to respond and ensure that this tale will have a happy ending.”

“Charities like Oak Tree are seeing increased demand for our help while our funding sources get ever smaller as our charity shops and tearoom have had to close and fundraising events have had to be cancelled, but our outgoings remain. We would really like to thank our amazing community for getting behind us and donating to help ensure we are able to continue to help the animals in our region.”

If you would like to help towards the ongoing care of these kittens please donate using the button at the top of the page. Thank you!

Rescue Mission - Mum and kits!

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