Partnering with NSBTR to help provide food for vulnerable pets in our community

10th April 2020

When Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (NSBTR) received an amazing food donation from Iams and Eukanuba, they contacted the Oak Tree team, who already support local foodbanks in the area to see how this food could be best used to support vulnerable pets during this Covid-19 crisis.

Local foodbanks and organisations are seeing a significant rise in requests for support. With this generous donation Oak Tree were able to contact foodbanks in Wigton, Cockermouth, Carlisle and Brampton along with Carlisle Carers and deliver pet food to them which could be distributed to those facing financial hardship during this period of lockdown.

Caroline our General Manager explains “We always see a demand for pet food support through our local foodbanks, however, this wonderful donation from Iams and Eukanuba, facilitated by NSBTR, has enabled us to make sure we can reach more pets whose owners are struggling to ensure their pets are fed during this challenging time. Many owners are facing financial hardship and struggling to access pet food for their loved family members. Pets can provide such companionship and support through periods of hardship. At these times, when people are struggling during the lockdown, fears for family and friends, and financial worries, pets can provide a vital support for their owner’s mental health. We want to ensure that pets and owners can stay together wherever possible.”

“We were delighted when we were contacted by NSBTR, who had been offered this food by Iams and Eukanuba, and pleased to be able to partner with them to ensure that our local foodbanks are able to support those in need with the increased demand. We would also like to thank Iams and Eukanuba for this extremely generous donation which has made this work possible.”

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Partnering with NSBTR to help provide food for vulnerable pets in our community

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