1st May 2020

Lintbells - the UK's leading pet supplement company with a mission to keep pets visibly full of life - has launched a charity campaign, #RescueYourRescue and is looking to raise vital funds for over 100 registered pet rescue charities across the UK. They have already donated £10,000 to participating pet rescue charities (of which £90.91 has come to Oak Tree).

Lintbells are encouraging those that can afford to help, to donate a minimum of £2 per person in the hope that these funds will help safeguard the future of pet rescue charities and the animals that rely on them. Please help and donate now if you can by using the link below. Their goal is to help dogs that have been abandoned or their owners can no longer care for them find new and loving home in the local area.

To donate directly to Oak Tree, please use this link:

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give to support this campaign. 


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