Crystal makes her Mark

16th November 2020

Crystal arrived at Oak Tree in January 2020 with three other ponies from a rescue centre in Sussex which unfortunately had to close. 

As a beautiful, friendly, laid-back cob, she quickly settled into her life in Cumbria and loved attention and learning new things. Crystal was very inexperienced and had not been worked or backed. To give her the best opportunity to find a loving, forever home the team at Oak Tree started to work with her, taught her to take a bit and started her basic training. She did brilliantly well and showed great aptitude for becoming a ridden pony.

When Rachel, from Parkers Equestrian, approached Oak Tree looking for a cob with potential to bring on as a riding pony, Crystal was the obvious choice. After a few visits, there was no doubt that this was a perfect match and Crystal was rehomed with Rachel.

In the first few weeks, Crystal settled into her new herd where she quickly made some friends in the field. Rachel continued with Crystals’ early training and spent time firstly developing her confidence through regular grooming and handling and then started to break her to ride. She was so quiet and confident that they kept wondering whether she had previous experience! Her training has gone from strength to strength and she is now thriving in her new home.

New owner Rachel said “Crystal’s been fantastic, not put a foot wrong and is really willing to learn. She’s so pleased to be coming out, doing stuff and seeing lots of different things and we are really, really happy with her progress”. 

Judith Nicholson, Equine Team Leader said “We are truly delighted that Crystal has found such a loving forever home who can give her some amazing experiences. She has settled in so quickly, progressed so much and we look forward to working alongside Rachel to support Crystal in her fabulous new life.”

Crystal makes her Mark

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