Battersea help with new dog washroom!

11th November 2020

Our previous washroom was installed many years ago, and was sadly no longer fit for purpose. Rehoming over 100 dogs a year, bathing is a very regular occurrence but at the start of 2020, it had become an inefficient and often stressful process.  

As you can see (pictured immediately below), the bathing area was static, meaning that staff were required to lift dogs into this space. This can be very dangerous for both staff and animals with some of our dogs weighing over 50kg, risking injury. This can also cause unnecessary stress for our dogs, many of whom have already been through so much.

Thanks to the generous grant from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, we have been able to purchase the new bathing unit and drying system. 

From the picture below you can see the brand new bathing unit, a portable professional dryer and table, which means all future dogs who come into our care will be groomed in a stress minimising and quiet environment which is safe for both groomer and dog. 

This new equipment will allow us to:

  • Uphold cleanliness in our kennels.
  • Prevent the spread of illness, e.g. stress-induced colitis.
  • Control dangerous diseases, e.g. Alabama Rot.
  • Improve efficiency, allowing more time for other animal care, by drying animals quickly in the cabinet (at present we rely on a simple grooming hairdryer).
  • Manage specific conditions - regular medicated baths can help to manage skin conditions, including fungal infections, ringworm and inflamed skin. 

The equipment still needs to be plumbed in so we can get the hot and cold water supply to them, and an electrician to sign off the safety of the final installation. Then we will be ready to give our pooches a pamper! 

Thank you Battersea Dogs and Cats Home!

Battersea help with new dog washroom!

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