Allotment Angst

1st June 2021

Finding your much-loved pet caught in a spring rat-trap is every owners nightmare.

However one owner found this her reality as her cat, who had been exploring a neighbouring allotment, caught his paw in a rat spring trap (above) and was unable to escape.

Although in considerable pain, fortunately, he was able to drag his paw (with the trap) over a fence into a garden where he was found and released.

When made aware of the incident, our team were concerned that other traps of this type (although legal to use if set correctly) might be in the area and pose a threat to non-target animals and potentially humans.

We went out to visit the cat and owner, and liaised with the local council who contacted the management team of the allotment. They immediately took action on their site to prevent this incident from reoccurring.

Fortunately, the cat involved in this incident is recovering well with his owner.

Killing rodents only provides short term control of populations. The best way to deal with rodent infestations is not to have them in the first place.

This can be achieved by:

  • Ensuring allotments are kept tidy,
  • Clearing waste regularly,
  • Ensuring structures are housed on hardstanding,
  • Promptly gathering harvests,
  • Storing seeds and bulbs rodent-proof containers
  • Ensuring compost heaps are turned regularly

Allotment Angst

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