Syd the Snake finds a new home!

Syd the Snake finds a new home!

16th June 2022

We were first made aware of Syd when a member of the public approached us and asked if we could help them rehome a corn snake. We don’t usually take in reptiles but, due to the personal situation the member of the public was in, Mike our community engagement officer decided to try to help.

 Exotic pets, such as corn snakes, need very specific care and husbandry or their welfare can be compromised very quickly. Factors such as temperature, type of lighting, humidity, substrate, air flow etc. all play a huge role in an ectotherms welfare. These aren’t often considered in dog and cat welfare.

7 year old Syd stayed in the community offices for a month and was then rehomed. Syd, now known as Atlas, lives alongside three other snakes in his new home: Eris - a Common Boa, 3 years old, Erebus - a Mexican Black Kingsnake, 10 months old and Plutus - a Kenyan Sand boa, 5 years old.

Syd was the perfect room-mate whilst he stayed with us, made very little noise, very little mess and kept himself largely to himself. He was popular among staff members and we are all very pleased to see him settled in his new home rehoming. 

If you are interested in having an exotic pet, such as a snake, please ensure you research extensively into the species you are interested. Exotic pets are sadly all too often impulse buys. Snakes can last a long time, Mike’s own corn snake is 19 years old! To look after any exotic species correctly takes a huge amount of time, money, research and dedication.

It’s great to see Syd so settled in his new home.

Syd the Snake finds a new home!

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