Meet the Volunteer: Katy

From 1st to 7th June 2023 it is Volunteer Appreciation Week!

6th June 2023


Originally from Durham, Katy graduated from Cardiff University in 2020 with a degree in Psychology. Katy has always been surrounded by animals as her mother rescues cats, dogs and battery hens, so it’s not surprising that Katy was drawn to Oak Tree when she moved to Carlisle!


The practical aspects of Katy’s volunteering include setting up beds and food for cats and dogs, in preparation for their move to their foster homes, and she also provides enrichment activities such as snuffle mats. 

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Katy’s latest joy at Oak Tree is helping to re-home battery hens. Her job is to gather the hens and place them in hen-friendly travel boxes before handing them over to their new human family - who come to Oak Tree to collect them.

Katy is a great fundraiser on open days, away events and dog shows. This includes ‘snuffle painting’ with dogs, where families bring their own dogs and pay for the resulting painting!  


While the animal behaviour modules Katy took at university also stand her in good stead at Oak Tree; her kind, caring nature and inherent love of animals is her real motivator. She has this in common with other Oak Tree volunteers and has an innate understanding of animals, especially animals in need. 

With her background of growing up surrounded by rescue animals it’s little wonder Katy was attracted to Oak Tree. The opportunity to continue to work with animals was a great attraction. She says it also gives her a break from her day job and finds volunteering a great stress reliever.

Katy says the thing that keeps her coming back is, “The friendliness of the staff and volunteers, working with animals, the variety of activities available and knowing you’re giving back”. She would encourage anyone who might be hesitating to give it a go, “They might surprise themselves!” 

Meet the Volunteer: Katy

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