Become a Trustee

Would you like to be part of the ongoing mission of our charity – helping us to face challenges as they arise and to enjoy and celebrate our achievements and successes with us?

Become a Trustee

Our dedicated and experienced team of staff and volunteers make a difference in our community. We are not a static, stuck in the mud organisation - we constantly evolve as our community’s needs change and advances in animal welfare are developed.

We believe that the life and needs of every animal should be of importance. Founded in 1909, we have over 110 years of experience in helping animals and their owners both regionally and nationally.

What makes us unique is our belief that we need to be proactive; aiming to prevent problems at the outset through our work in the community as well as providing high-quality, welfare friendly rehoming services. We help over 2000 animals a year and improve and change the lives of both animals and humans.

As full members of the Association of Dogs and Cats’ Homes (ADCH) and the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) we are committed to providing high quality animal care throughout our programmes.

Join us as a Trustee and help us shape the future for animals in our region.

The Trustee Role

The Board of Trustees share responsibility for governing the charity and directing how it is managed and run. They set the vision and strategy and support the management team in achieving the charity’s mission.

They have responsibility for ensuring that the Charity meets its legal requirements, manages risks, protects its reputation and has good financial and operational management and leadership. 
Our Trustees listen to and work alongside the staff team, as partners in a common endeavour, to make sure our charity responds to the needs of animal owners, supporters and other stakeholders and makes best use of the funds that are so generously donated to the charity. We want to make the maximum impact we can and ensure that every penny donated is spent in the best way possible.

Our Trustees are all volunteers. Their dedication to animals is reflected in the time that they so generously give to us. All of them bring experience and a unique perspective from their personal and work lives, contributing to the Board’s success.

What Commitment do I need to give?

  • The Board meet quarterly throughout the year.
  • There may be shorter meetings to discuss specific issues and we have one additional Strategy Day per year.
  • Our Trustees need to be informed and so we need you to keep up to date with life at the charity and to read reports and information sent to you by the charity’s management team.
  • Our Trustees are our advocates and ambassadors. They help the charity team promote the charity and its work, opening doors through their networks and contacts.
  • Our Trustees need to engage and support the Charity and its’ work and have a strong belief in its mission.

What skills do I need?

Board members come from all walks of life; each brings a unique set of skills and experience to the Boardroom.

Our trustees may have backgrounds in finance, business management, animal welfare, veterinary services, marketing, fundraising or social enterprise but this is not an exhaustive list as skills learned in other less formal environments can be an asset!

Above all, you need to have a strong interest in helping to lead an organisation such as Oak Tree and a deep commitment to animal welfare. You will want to make a difference and have enthusiasm for our charity, our animals and our people

Join us!

To find out more or discuss your interest informally please contact our General Manager Caroline Johnson, via telephone on 01228 560082, or send an email to the PA to General Manager/Board at

Please note, you are disqualified by law from being a Trustee if you: are under 18; are an undischarged bankrupt; have an unspent conviction for some offences; have been removed or disqualified from Trusteeship of a charity, on the grounds of misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of a charity, by a Court or the Charity Commission; are under a disqualification order under the Company Directors Disqualification Action 1986; are disqualified by the Charities Act 1993 (section 72) from acting as a charity Trustee.

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