Dog Safety

It’s good to learn what to do if a dog is running up to you and you are feeling a bit worried.

These children from Hayton School are having great fun at one of our educational workshops. They are learning what to do if a strange dog is running up to you and you're feeling scared:

  • Stand still
  • Cross your arms
  • Don’t stare at the dog.

Dog Safety Fun Quiz

It is so important that we understand dogs’ body language and what they are trying to tell us.

This can help prevent dog bites and attacks and make dogs feel a lot more comfortable around us. Dogs never go straight to bite! This poster shows the different ways dogs show us that they are feeling uncomfortable. Understanding this can help us stay safe around dogs.

Download Poster

We love saying hello to dogs when we’re out and about, but it’s important we do it safely.

3 things to remember.

  • Asking the owner first is the most important rule to keep you safe!
  • Move slowly and allow the dog to sniff you first
  • Stroke the dog on the shoulder which is nearest to you

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