If you are a landlord in the Carlisle area, read on!

Have you considered the benefits, for both you and your tenants, of allowing pets in your rental property? Oak Tree Animals' Charity receive many animals into our care every year who have been given up by loving owners because their rental property does not allow pets. Many of these owners are heartbroken at having to give up their pets, but are faced with a stark choice when needing a roof over their family's heads. We can work together to change this, all we need is your support.

As your local independent animal charity, Oak Tree understands the pet issues within our community and can help you take some simple steps to make your property pet friendly, which could hugely increase its demand. 45% of the UK population own a pet (, so it follows that tapping into this market could be extremely beneficial for landlords looking for responsible, long term tenants. The Chief Executive of the National Landlords Association, Richard Lambert said:

"Tenants who keep pets do tend to stay for longer periods of time, and there are a few simple steps that landlords can take in order to mitigate the perceived increased risks" (National Landlords Association).

Speak to your letting agent today and ask them to sign up to Oak Tree Animals' Charity Pets in Rentals scheme.

These are the simple steps you can take to make your property pet friendly, while mitigating the risks to you:

  • Download our 'Pet CV' and 'Application to Keep a Pet' forms and ask potential tenants to fill them in so you know all about their pet and you can see evidence of responsible pet ownership.
  • Download our 'Sample Pet Agreement'  and use it to draw up your own contract. This makes it clear what you expect from the tenant and what their responsibilities are, whilst helping to mitigate risks.
  • Ask tenants to take out pet liability insurance, so if a pet damages your property, they are covered. For example selected policies by Animal Friends, LV, John Lewis and More Than insurance. 
  • Consider taking out landlords' insurance with accidental pet damage cover so the maximum you would have to pay, should there be any damage, would be the insurance excess.
  • If you are still undecided, ask your letting agent to advertise your property as 'Pets Considered', to allow you to decide on an individual basis.

By making your property pet friendly, you are opening up to that 45% of the population who are pet owners and wouldn't otherwise consider your property. You will have more choice of prospective tenants and could rent your property more quickly.

Local landlady Vicki Naish said: “As a pet friendly landlord in Carlisle, I have found that on the whole tenants with pets stay longer than those without. I haven’t had any problems with people’s pets and am happy to continue to advertise my properties as pet friendly.” (Vicki, Carlisle)


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