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Pet support and advice to those struggling financially

Our Community department has built working relationships with external organisations in Cumbria to enable us to support pet owners struggling in our local community. 

We believe the best way forward is keeping pet and owner together where possible, (and appropriate). During today’s financial crisis, we are finding more and more households are having to use foodbanks to feed their families. In 2019, Carlisle Foodbank issued out 7,400 food parcels to those struggling in our local area. In amongst that number (along with additional pet food parcels) were 413 Dogs and 218 cats in Carlisle whose owner required our assistance so that they were able to feed their pets.

Often, pet owners have gone without food to ensure that they could feed their pets. One case saw a dog being fed crumpets whilst the owner went hungry. Through our partnerships with external organisations, we offer a one off food parcel to pet owners in crisis along with a support and advice service they can access 7 days a week.

Are you a pet owner facing financial crisis?

Speak with our Community team for support and advice on 01228 560082 ext.228 |

Our partners

ASDA, Kingstown
Carlisle Foodbank
Eden Housing, Carlisle
Morrisons, Carlisle
Restore, Carlisle
Riverside Housing, Carlisle

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