Gift Aid

Add 25% to any donation you make – without costing you or us anything!

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and haven’t already filled in and signed a Gift Aid Declaration directly through us, please consider doing this now (it doesn’t commit you to making a donation, it just means we are able to claim on any donation you might decide to make in the future).

Gift Aid Declaration Form

You may have signed a Gift Aid Declaration when donating online, but in order for us to receive Gift Aid on any donation you make to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity in the future we still need a completed form, so please do download and send us yours.

It really does make an enormous difference to your donation (an extra 25% no less – and at no extra cost to you or us).

Basically it means that a ...

  • £5 donation becomes £6.25
  • £10 donation becomes £12.50
  • £15 donation becomes £18.75

A whopping 25% more to help animals in need. You get the idea!

Donating items for our shops? You can Gift Aid them too!

Please note if you are wishing to Gift Aid both monetary donations and donated goods donations, you need to complete both a Monetary Donation Gift Aid Form and a Donated Goods Gift Aid Form.

Gift Aid your Donated Goods  Agency Agreement

If you have any questions regarding Gift Aid, please email us at or telephone 01228 560082.

Thank you!

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