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We are often asked to take in cats which appear to be stray but are often just free-roaming pet cats who visit multiple premises.

Cats naturally roam up to 2km and will frequent and visit any property where they can obtain food. Taking these cats who are not genuinely lost into our care is not only a waste of a space which a genuine stray or at-risk cat could have used, but also puts the welfare of the cat concerned at risk too, from stress, risk of contracting a contagious illness, or from missing medication if it is on treatment.

For this reason we ask you to ensure you fully advertise the cat locally and also to apply a paper collar for at least 7 days before contacting us (click the link here for an example you can download).  Only when you have done so can we accept the animal onto our waiting list.

If the cat cannot be easily caught or needs to be trapped please call us or visit our feral cats page.

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