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If you want a sneaky peak behind the scenes at Oak Tree Farm, you’re in the right place!

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Meet Paya, Esky, Oliver and Crystal! 6th January 2020

These four beauties have made their way up to Oak Tree from the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust to find loving new homes in the North West. Unfortunately, fundraising is an ongoing challenge for charities and we were so sad to learn that our colleagues ...

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Meet Paya, Esky, Oliver and Crystal!

Assisting Cumbria's Children's Fostering Service18th November 2019

Recently Oak Tree was contacted by the local adoption service enquiring about any assistance we could provide to help them advise dog owners looking to adopt a child. We were more than happy to help! Our Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor, Gemma, ...

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Assisting Cumbria's Children's Fostering Service

Hosting Cumbria's Domestic Abuse Network Meeting13th November 2019

Our Helping Paw project helps those who are homeless or fleeing domestic violence by fostering their pet while they get back on their feet. Today our community team hosted Cumbria’s Domestic Abuse Network Meeting for professionals working in ...

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Hosting Cumbria's Domestic Abuse Network Meeting

Remembering Animals Lost in War11th November 2019

Over 30 people gathered yesterday at the war memorial at Oak Tree Farm to remember those animals lost in war. The Act of Remembrance, led by Rev. Graeme Skinner, remembered the bravery of animals such as Sasha, a Labrador retriever who found 15 ...

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Remembering Animals Lost in War

Fireworks!5th November 2019

Remember, remember the 5th November, shivering, panic and fear! This is how it often feels to animal owners at this time of year and as an animal charity we get innundated with comments and questions about how owners can support their pets during ...

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