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If you want a sneaky peak behind the scenes at Oak Tree Farm, you’re in the right place!

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All the fun of the fair!18th June 2019

We love to get out in our community wherever possible to meet our supporters, offer support and advice to those who need it, raise valuable funds to be able to carry out our work and, of course, get some amazing doggy cuddles! This weekend our team ...

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All the fun of the fair!

Why are Dentals important for horses and ponies?12th June 2019

Regular dental check ups by your vet or qualified equine dentist are essential for your horse or pony's well-being. Up to the age of 10 this should be done every 6-12 months to avoid ensure that any sharp enamel overgrowths are removed. If your horse ...

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Why are Dentals important for horses and ponies?

Canine Reunion5th June 2019

"Once an Oak Tree animal, always an Oak Tree animal"! We were delighted to welcome over 35 ex-resident dogs back to Oak Tree for our birthday canine reunion. Dogs were reunited with caseworkers and had the chance to sample the doggy deli, take part ...

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Canine Reunion

National Volunteer's Week4th June 2019

It's National Volunteer's Week which gives us a chance to celebrate the amazing volunteers we have who do so much to help us and the animals in our region. Today ITV Border came in to meet some of our volunteers and talk about volunteering and our ...

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National Volunteer's Week

Kitten Socialisation31st May 2019

At this time of year we get really busy at Oak Tree as "kitten season" arrives. At this time of year queens (un-neutered female cat) have litters and we start to see a large number of unwanted kittens being handed into rescue centres to help find new ...

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Kitten Socialisation

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