Support and Advice (Equine)

Lockdown Activities for Horse Owners2nd May 2020

Grooming: Grooming your horse can be beneficial in many ways. It builds a bond and trust to strengthen your partnership as well as ...

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Lockdown Activities for Horse Owners

Spring Time Care for your Horse9th April 2020

Things horse owners should be thinking about in spring time: Poisonous plants in summer paddocks Coming into spring it is important to ...

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Spring Time Care for your Horse

Pet Support for those self isolating3rd April 2020

We have updated some of our advice inline with the latest Government recommendations:

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Pet Support for those self isolating

Your Horse and Covid 191st April 2020

Your Horse and Covid-19 If you are the sole carer for your horse you can travel to provide care for your horse. You should have a care plan ...

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Your Horse and Covid 19

Top Tips for Winter Care5th December 2018

It's time to get winter-ready!  For further advice, please call 01228 560082 Ext 225 

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Top Tips for Winter Care

UPDATED - Bonfire Night5th October 2018

How to help your pet during firework season

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UPDATED - Bonfire Night

What is Colic?16th February 2018

Colic is a term used to describe all types of abdominal pain in horses. It can affect horses of all ages and types, and can vary from a mild bout ...

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What is Colic?

Protecting our pets this winter!15th February 2018

Is Rock Salt really that dangerous? The short answer is yes! Rock salt can be highly toxic to animals such as cats and dogs, and is very ...

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Protecting our pets this winter!

Staying safe with your horse25th March 2017

As the clocks go forward, the days get longer and nights get lighter, more riders return to the saddle as the competition season starts. As we ...

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Staying safe with your horse

Costs of Keeping a Horse or Pony27th October 2016

Horses can make wonderful companions but are expensive to keep and are a long-term financial commitment. If you are thinking about taking on a ...

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Costs of Keeping a Horse or Pony

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