Support and Advice (Equine)

Small Pony Weight Awareness5th July 2021

Small ponies are often overweight; it is important to keep a pony of this size healthy. Small ponies can only be ridden by small riders, such as ...

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Small Pony Weight Awareness

Pet Stressors30th June 2021

No owner wants their pet to feel stressed or uncomfortable, so it is important that we can identify what is causing the stress and help them find ...

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Pet Stressors

Equine Desensitisation23rd June 2021

Desensitisation is a great exercise for your horse to experience a variety of situations and get them comfortable with things that horses ...

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Equine Desensitisation

Equine Poisonous Plants22nd June 2021

Do you know which plants are poisonous to horses?

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Equine Poisonous Plants

Equine Summer Safety14th June 2021

Protecting your horse this summer...

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Equine Summer Safety

Enrichment: Dogs, Cats and Horses!7th June 2021

Enrichment is all about keeping your pet’s brain active. It is very important for all animals, providing them with mental stimulation to ...

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Enrichment: Dogs, Cats and Horses!

Equine Restricted Grazing21st May 2021

Equine obesity is a growing issue that can lead to health conditions in the future. Obesity is caused by the horse/pony consuming more calories ...

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Equine Restricted Grazing

Equine Enrichment: Tips and Tricks3rd May 2021

Horses benefit from mental stimulation. There are so many ways to enrich a horse/pony's environment with a variety of fruit or vegetable kebabs, ...

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Equine Enrichment: Tips and Tricks

Equine Dentals10th February 2021

Having your horse's teeth checked is an important part of their care. You should ensure they have routine dental checks by a vet or qualified ...

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Equine Dentals

Coping with equine cushings27th January 2021

What is cushings? Equine cushings is a progressive condition that is identified by a number of symptoms that can affect your horse or ponies ...

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Coping with equine cushings

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