Support and Advice (Equine)

Microchipping29th April 2022

It is the law to microchip your dog and horse, and it will soon be a legal requirement for cats too.

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Laminitis29th April 2022

What is Laminitis? Laminitis is an inflammatory disease of the hoof. It affects tissue found in the horses hoof, called sensitive laminae, ...

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Equine: Hi-vis4th April 2022

Why should you wear hi-viz? Hi-viz should be worn when riding/leading horses on the road so you can be easily seen by oncoming traffic which ...

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Equine: Hi-vis

Your Emergency Pet Action Plan9th February 2022

You never know what's around the next corner, and disasters can happen at any time. When it comes to evacuations a common trend is that pet ...

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Your Emergency Pet Action Plan

Companion Pony: Care9th February 2022

Many of our equines are rehomed as companions for a number of reasons, for example their conformation may not suit ridden work or they may have ...

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Companion Pony: Care

Fireworks and Pets: Our Guide4th November 2021

This time of year can be challenging for both pets and their owners, but there are things you can do to keep 5th November (and the days ...

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Fireworks and Pets: Our Guide

Small Pony Weight Awareness5th July 2021

Small ponies are often overweight; it is important to keep a pony of this size healthy. Small ponies can only be ridden by small riders, such as ...

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Small Pony Weight Awareness

Pet Stressors30th June 2021

No owner wants their pet to feel stressed or uncomfortable, so it is important that we can identify what is causing the stress and help them find ...

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Pet Stressors

Equine Desensitisation23rd June 2021

Desensitisation is a great exercise for your horse to experience a variety of situations and get them comfortable with things that horses ...

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Equine Desensitisation

Equine Poisonous Plants22nd June 2021

Do you know which plants are poisonous to horses?

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Equine Poisonous Plants

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