Support and Advice (Dog)

Pet Stressors30th June 2021

No owner wants their pet to feel stressed or uncomfortable, so it is important that we can identify what is causing the stress and help them find ...

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Pet Stressors

Dog Theft22nd June 2021

Keeping our furry friends out of harms way is never easy, and only gets tougher with the rise in concern over dog thefts.

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Dog Theft

Enrichment: Dogs, Cats and Horses!7th June 2021

Enrichment is all about keeping your pet’s brain active. It is very important for all animals, providing them with mental stimulation to ...

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Enrichment: Dogs, Cats and Horses!

Fireworks and your Pets22nd October 2020

Bonfire night is great fun, but for animals it is a frightening and stressful experience.

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Fireworks and your Pets

Dogs die in hot cars11th August 2020

A car can become an oven incredibly quickly. Even with the windows open, a dog can die in a hot car in under 20 minutes!

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Dogs die in hot cars

Is your dog overweight?24th July 2020

If you cannot feel your dog’s ribs when you run your hand along its side, your dog is overweight. Or if there isn't a waist, then your dog ...

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Is your dog overweight?

Top tips for easing your dog out of lockdown17th June 2020

Top tips to ease your dog out of lockdown Set up a new routine During lockdown many households had their usual routines completely ...

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Top tips for easing your dog out of lockdown

Summer top tips for your dog11th May 2020

Pet support and advice during the summer months Top tips: Midday sun – on hot days, remember to avoid walking your dog during ...

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Summer top tips for your dog

Separation prevention during quarantine26th April 2020

Separation prevention during quarantine Ensuring time alone During quarantine, many dogs will spend little time alone and, while some ...

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Separation prevention during quarantine

Pet Support for those self isolating3rd April 2020

We have updated some of our advice inline with the latest Government recommendations:

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Pet Support for those self isolating

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