Memorial Tree

An everlasting memory...

Memorial Tree

When a loved one passes away, we’re always touched by the generosity of the friends and family who donate to Oak Tree on their behalf. Remembering someone you care about by funding food, shelter and medical care for vulnerable pets is a wonderful gesture that any animal-lover can be proud of.

Here at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, we are now offering the opportunity to commemorate your loved ones on our Memorial Tree.

Purchase an engraved aluminium Oak Leaf for our Memorial Tree to be displayed outside the tearoom at Oak Tree Farm for a whole year. This leaf can be in memory of a friend, family, or beloved pet. Anyone important to you, who would be proud to remain a part of Oak Tree Animals’ Charity long after they depart.

Leaves are available in three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

To purchase a leaf, please click below.

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