Adopting an equine

Please continue to monitor our website for updates about when we will be able to start rehoming equines again. In the meantime please email for advice. 

Your Horse and Covid-19.

  • If you are the sole carer for your horse you can travel to provide care for your horse. You should have a care plan set in place in the case of emergency if you are unwell / need to isolate. Try buddying up with other friends who may be in the same position, or speak to family members who may be able to help. It would be an idea to write all your animals' needs down for whoever is going to help out - this will include any feed, medication etc.
  • BHS advise that you respect the protocol of the livery yard and all work as a team to agree a care plan for your horse. If on a shared livery yard it is important to always wear gloves, use your own equipment and try not to share tools, buckets etc. where possible.
  • Be safe and mindful of the potential impact for yourselves and others. The BHS advice on riding: “There are no specific government guidelines for the question around whether we should still be out riding at present. Our strong advice is that it is not appropriate to put unnecessary pressure on the emergency services now or for the foreseeable future. It is incumbent on all of us to make an individual decision as to whether riding is necessary at all, at this time. Decisions can only be taken based on individual circumstances but our choices should always be mindful of the potential impact for ourselves and others.”
  • The health and welfare of your horse is your priority: Any concerns contact your vet, yard manager or BHS
  • Email where our team are more than happy to help give advice or guidance when they are able to pick up emails Please understand this is a busy time and replies may be staggered.
  • Farrier visits: It is agreed that the FRC interpretation of the Government guidance is that farriers can continue to provide essential services to equines, using their judgement of priority and/or urgency. Any concerns contact your farrier or FRC.  
  • All must follow the NHS guidance on covid-19

Here is a list of all our lovely equines that are up for rehoming.

Each and every horse here at Oak Tree has their own story and character. We have a range of horses that would suit different needs and homes, from horses purely for companionship to ridden ponies with bags of potential. Each horse that is up for rehoming is kept up to date with shoeing, dentistry, worming and vaccinations.

Rehoming an equine from Oak Tree is a highly rewarding experience, all of our horses here deserve a loving forever home. Our equine team takes time to ensure that yourself and the horse/pony are a suitable match, to ensure a successful rehoming. There are a lot of benefits of taking on a horse/pony through our loan agreement rather than buying. We will always be here for continued support and guidance and if anything affects your ability to care for the horse, they can always be returned to us, where you know they will be well looked after and cared for. By providing donation fees you are helping out the charity, all money will go straight back into the care of the other horses and ponies that reside here. Also by taking on an equine, you are freeing up space at our centre which can then be filled by another horse that may be in need.

For more in depth information about our horses or for horse related advice, please contact our equine team on 01228 560082, ext 229.

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We always have new equines coming in that may not yet be on our website.

Feel free to ring our Equine team on 01228 560082 between 10.00am and 3.30pm, or call in for an informal chat about available equines.

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