• Status - Adopted
  • Sex - Mare
  • Height - 13.2hh
  • Age - 4 years (approx)
  • Use - Project horse/pony


Maisie is our lovely 13.2hh cob mare.

She is easy going in every way possible! She is good on the ground whether you're grooming, bathing, clipping, have the farrier or vet! Although she can be a little reluctant to load onto a trailer with some reassurance and treats she will get on and travels well.

Maisie first came to us in 2020 and was fostered out as a youngster to gain experience and have 1-1 handling. Whilst at her foster home Maisie learnt to lunge and was led out from another horse on hacks. Maisie returned to Oak Tree in August 2023 to be trained as a riding pony. 

As Maisie is only 4 she can be green at times when schooling however she has learnt the basics including, walk, trot, canter and has recently been introduced to poles and jumping. Maisie can be ridden bitless or with a bit and is excellent to long rein and lunge. Maisie is good to hack alone and in company. She is good in traffic but can be wary of large/loud vehicles and we have found it best to stand her to the side and allow her to watch the 'scary' vehicle pass. Maisie is excellent in open spaces and was taken on a farm ride where she had her first experience galloping, jumping and going through water. Maisie can be quite nosy at times and will look at things but has never been a spooky ride. As Maisie is a youngster she would benefit from a home who is willing to continue developing her skills as a ridden pony. 

Currently Maisie is stabled overnight and turned out during the day. She is happy to live with mares or geldings and has lived in a mixed herd before and got on well with everyone! She is a good doer so would need careful management throughout the summer months to prevent obesity. 

Maisie is a kind pony who will turn her hoof to anything and we feel she would be suitable for someone who wants to do a little bit of everything!  


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