Dog Kennels

This is where all of our canine residents eat, sleep, play and more!

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Please don't be disappointed when you visit and you cannot see our dogs or gain access to the internal cattery.

Studies have shown that visitors walking around kennels and cattery can cause distress for the dogs and cats, affecting their mental and physical health. With the animals' welfare in mind, we restrict access to staff and volunteers only. This will mean that animals are less stressed and have improved and quicker rehoming prospects. You are likely to see our dogs walking round the site and playing in our runs and training areas.

If you are looking to rehome an animal, please firstly visit the rehoming page on our website where you will be able to see all of the different animals looking for homes. If you see an animal which interests you, please call (01228 560082) or email ( to make an appointment for rehoming. If you arrive without an appointment we cannot guarantee staff availability and it is likely you will have to book an appointment at another time.

Also, for owners wishing to bring an animal to the centre, please see our pages about giving up an animal. It is essential that the owner contacts us first and does not bring any animal onto site without prior arrangement. 

Behaviour and Training Facilities

Each of our dogs are given a training plan which they work on while they're with us and continue to do in their forever homes. We are very luck to have lot of different areas around our site to enrich and train our animals.

  • Family Room - this offers a great space for dogs in the kennels to transition smoothly into home life. There's all kinds of homely furniture and items (even a washing machine) which helps the dogs adapt to the sounds and smells of home life in a slowly and steadily.
  • The Dog Paddock, Snuffle Run and other outdoor secure training areas - these areas give the dogs opportunity to work on their off lead training. 
  • Training Barn - this area is not only great for dogs to work on their  free-work and snuffling, but it is also used for our onsite training and behaviour classes for the community. 

Other Facilities

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