• Status - Available
  • Breed - cross breed
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 4 years (approx)
  • Vaccinated - Yes

Homing Criteria

  • Slow introductions 
  • Owner with experience in successfully managing resource guarding.
  • Adult-only home 
  • a home with secure garden 


Meet smiling Mona, she is a sweet girl who needs a few slow introductions before she feels comfortable with people.

Once she has built up that bond with someone, you get a big welcoming smile, lots of bum wiggles and she will roll on her back to get a tummy rub.

Mona can be protective over people and her home, so will need an owner with experience in successfully managing resource guarding.

We are also looking for an adult-only home and for Mona to be the only pet.

Mona loves her walks and goofing around in our runs so will need a secure garden where she can play freely. She would be best suited to an area that is not too built up.

This beautiful girl will make a very loyal and loving companion for someone who can understand her needs.

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