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Entertaining your dog during self-isolation13th March 2020

Self-isolation can be hard on your pets as they won’t be used to staying indoor for such extended periods of time. Without their usual ...

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Entertaining your dog during self-isolation

Snuffle Mat Magnificence!19th December 2018

Have a go at making your very own snuffle mat - they are fantastic enrichment for your dog or cat!

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Snuffle Mat Magnificence!

Tasty Treats for Your Dog19th December 2018

Here are some easy to make dog treats your pooch will love. We’d love to see some pictures of them enjoying their tasty treat!

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Tasty Treats for Your Dog

Top Tips for Winter Care5th December 2018

It's time to get winter-ready!  For further advice, please call 01228 560082 Ext 225 

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Top Tips for Winter Care

UPDATED - Bonfire Night5th October 2018

How to help your pet during firework season

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UPDATED - Bonfire Night

Ticks - Keeping Your Dog Safe27th July 2018

Ticks are potentially deadly for dogs - see our tips for being tick-savvy:

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Ticks - Keeping Your Dog Safe

Ladder of Aggression27th July 2018

Dogs are very expressive and some behaviours they display may indicate distress:

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Ladder of Aggression

How to tell if you dog is ill27th July 2018

Here are a few behaviours which may indicate your dog isn't well 

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How to tell if you dog is ill

Tail Wagging27th July 2018

Tail wagging can be misinterpreted: see our tips on understanding different 'wags' and what they may mean

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Tail Wagging

Food Toxic to Dogs27th July 2018

We want our dogs to stay safe - here are some of the foods which are unsuitable for them.

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Food Toxic to Dogs

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