• Status - Available
  • Breed - Collie X
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 1 year (approx)
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes

More about Me

High Energy  High Energy
Older Children Friendly  Older Children Friendly
Can Live with Another Dog  Can Live with Another Dog


Blue is an energetic young lad who is looking for an active owner that can easily keep up with him.

Blue loves to run so would benefit from someone with a secure garden where he can run and play as much as he wants.

Blue has previously lived with another dog so could do again, but only with the right dog, after careful introductions.

The ideal home for Blue would be someone who wont leave him alone for long periods of time as he just loves company.

Blue hasn't been around children before but he could possibly live with them under the right circumstances.

Want to find out more about Blue?

Please call 01228 560082 between 11:00am and 4:00pm (Wednesday - Sunday). To speak with a member of our Small Animal Team, please use extension 225; for the Community Team (Home-2-Home), please use extension 230.


On average, we have 400 animals come into our shelter every year. Please take a look at some of our dogs looking for loving homes and see if you can find a friend for life. Where appropriate, all of our animals are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. We also give each animal a behavioural assessment to identify their needs and help you find your perfect companion.

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