• Status - Available
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 6 years (approx)
  • Vaccinated - Yes

Homing Criteria

  • Home with someone around, or possibility to do to work with someone
  • Possible to live with children 10+
  • Possible to live with a dog
  • Active home that enjoys going out and about with their dog


Bruno is a 6 and half year old Lurcher.  He is quite a small boy weighing 18.5 kg. He is a super friendly boy who loves his walks and cuddle time. Bruno really does not like being left on his own so we are looking for a home where there is someone around pretty well all the time. (Maybe a household with an older retired relative who would help with his care). We will be offering an adopter strategies to be able to start leaving Bruno, but that could be a few months down the line. Alternatively, he may be a candidate for going along to work with someone.

Bruno has lived with children and we would consider a home with children 10+. He may possibly be able to live with a friendly dog, depending on how meet ups here at Oak Tree go. He has not mixed with many dogs and gets quite excited when he sees them.

We are still getting to know Bruno so this information may be changed or updated. If you would like to know more about him then please fill in our preadoption form (link below the photos).

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